Lottery player snaps up highest ever €1.57 million prize

Lucky Mosta punter starts 2014 with million-euro lottery win

The third day of 2014 will surely be remembered by one lucky punter who won the €1.57 million jackpot of the Grand Lottery Draw.

The winning ticket was bought from a Maltco's Point of Sale in Mosta.

"During the past 10 years, this is the first time that such a huge jackpot was won by only one winner," a Maltco Lotteries spokesperson said.

"Since its launch, back in 2013, the game has offered to more than 10,000 winners very attractive prizes in all the game categories".

The winning of this jackpot came just few days, after the company announced better odds of 1:400,000, offering players almost double the chance to win the Grand Lottery first prize category.

A Maltco spokesperson said the positive vibe increased even more when in September, the ticket price was reduced to €3 and became a weekly draw.

Despite many speculations and skepticism in the delay of the winning of the first category prize of the Grand Lottery Jackpot, the "Impossible" became Possible.

The next Grand Lottery draw will be held on Friday 10th January at 8:30pm and will be aired live on Smash Tv and streamed on

Next week's Jackpot is the sum of not less than €500,000.


Good Luck to whoever the winner(s) is. I hope they use it to help others as well as themselves :-)