Degiovanni renounces and gives way for 23 year-old student to take Fgura mayorship

Former Fgura Mayor Anthony Degiovanni has renounced his ambition to be reappointed to mayorship, and gave in to party pressure to have a 23 year-old law student to take the helm of the locality.

Byron Camilleri was voted into office by fellow councilors who toed the party line, even though the next in line was Anthony Degiovanni who had garnered 1,352 first count votes in 2009 against the 652 first counts obtained by Byron Camilleri who succeeds Darren Marmarà who resigned his post on July 19.

Marmarà resigned shortly before facing a motion of no confidence that was to be brought by his fellow labour councilors.

However his resignation was expected to continue to cause more trouble for the PL that pushed for Byron Camilleri to succeed him.

Veteran PL activist Anthony Degiovanni who eyed the post since Marmarà’s resignation was set to pursue what was his by right, but in the end gave in to party pressure.

Marmarà had given notice that he would not vote for Anthony Degiovanni should he have been nominated for mayorship.

Jeffrey Camilleri
What a shame PL, how they treat their candidates. PL make me feel sick!!!
Problem solved now get on with the job. Good Luck Byron.
Prosit Anthony u good luck Byron