New parliamentary committee for health policy

Chairman Dr Etienne Grech says financing of health system must be discussed within committee setting

Labour MP Etienne Grech
Labour MP Etienne Grech

A parliamentary committee on health matters was set up on Wednesday, yesterday, after unanimous approval for a motion proposing the amendment of the Standing Orders of the House of Representatives.

The committee will be chaired by Labour MP Etienne Grech, a medical doctor, and committee members from the government will be Dr Deo Debattista and health minister Godfre Farrugia. The Opposition will be represented by shadow health minister Claudio Grech and Dr Michael Gonzi.

The committee will be scrutinizing health policy, strategy spending, patients’ rights, and invite persons to discuss health policy and related issues.

The committee’s first meeting and agenda will be announced soon.

“Health policy, strategy and financing are very challenging subjects because modern medical care is of a highly technological and advanced quality,” Etienne Grech said.

“The demands on our health system are growing year by year because newer advances are made, and as people live longer our population is also steadily ageing. This needs a thorough analysis of the sustainability of a free, efficient and high quality healthcare for all in Malta and Gozo.

“Health system related documents and reports will be scrutinized as well as all the submissions from invited persons or groups with themes regarding the optimum running of our national health system at its all levels,” Grech said.

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