Gozo minister refuses to answer questions on Gozo Channel contract

Anton Refalo says he has a right not to answer Parliamentary question on cost of Gozo Channel contract for maintenance of electronic systems


Anton Refalo
Anton Refalo

Gozo Minister Anton Refalo this evening refused to answer a parliamentary question on how much the maintenance works on the electronic devices on Gozo Channel vessels cost y out and whether the contract was awarded by tender or direct order.

“Gozo Channel makes use of the services of a number of companies and individuals to carry out maintenance works on electronic equipment on its vessels. The information is of commercial nature,” Refalo said.

On hearing this reply, opposition MP Francis Zammit Dimech said the country had a right to know how the contract was awarded and how much it was costing the taxpayer.

Insisting that the information was of a sensitive nature, Refalo said “I am abiding by the House’s Standing Orders.”

Failing to quote which Standing Order he was abiding to, Reflo insisted that he had a right to reply at a later stage.

Following Refalo’s insistence on not providing an answer, the Nationalist Party deputy leader Mario de Marco intervened and asked the Speaker to give a ruling due to the fact that the minister was failing to reveal the information.