PN leader files third libel suit against l-Orizzont

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil categorically denies allegations leveled against him: ‘It is up to the people to judge and choose who to believe’

PN leader Simon Busuttil
PN leader Simon Busuttil

Opposition leader Simon Busuttil has filed a third libel suit against the GWU-owned newspaper l-Orizzont. It is also the fifth lawsuit which the PN leader has filed on the alleged meeting between Joe Gaffarena and himself in 2012.

Today's lawsuit was filed after l-Orizzont published an affidavit filed by Joe Gaffarena.

Accusing parliamentary secretary for lands Michael Falzon of using Gaffarena as “his shield”, Busuttil said the junior minister was refusing to shoulder responsibility and instead use the Gaffarena family as his shield.

Categorically denying “blackmailing” the Gaffarenas, Busuttil once again denied ever telling Joe Gaffarena to come forward with any files pertaining to the 1998 Daewoo scandal in exchange for the permit for his then illegal petrol station in Qormi.

“I categorically deny the fallacious allegations in l-Orizzont and I am certain that the truth will out in court. I am therefore filing another libel suit,” Busuttil said. “Until justice is served in the law courts, it is up to the people to judge who to believe between a person like Gaffarena, who lined his pockets with the Labour government, and myself.

Busuttil reiterated that Gaffarena approached the Labour Party because he [Busuttil] had turned down the permit request. Accusing the Labour government of being spineless and without any principles, Busuttil said this was a certificate of his commitment towards clean politics.

“The Labour government not only gave Gaffarena a permit for an illegal petrol station, but also gave him millions for half a house in Valletta. Therefore, Gaffarena is now paying back Falzon by using him to invent lies about me,” Busuttil said

“Falzon is mistaken if he thinks that people will forget about his own scandals. The Opposition will continue to fight the institutionalized corruption under the Labour government and will insist that Michael Falzon shoulder responsibility for what he has done.”

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