Activities organised to celebrate World Physiotherapy Day

Parliamentary Secretary Chris Fearne looks forward to new Rehabilitation Hopsital at St. Luke's on occasion of the world physiotherapy day on 8th September

Health Parliamentary Secretary Chris Fearne spoke about the essential service provided by physiotherapists, who often helped patients through long-term conditions, earlier today, which marks the World Physiotherapy Day.

The Physiotherapy department had put up various activities during the week on occasion of this day.

“The events are meant to help patients to reach their full potential and give their contribution to society,” a statement by the department points out.

“St. Luke’s Hospital will be converted into a rehabilitation centre later on during the year,” Fearne added, stressing that the number of people needing further care outside hospital was rising year after year.

“These patients often need long-term rehabilitation, even if they are discharged from hospital, and we are currently facing a vacuum to meet their needs.”

Fearne said that the new rehabilitation hospital at St. Luke’s would be equipped with the latest equipment and facilities.

“Right now, Physiotherapists are expected to work miracles with largely outdated equipment,” he added.

The statement further pointed out that various discussions and talks were held to assist people in need of a physiotherapist throughout the week. The week also featured a number of physical activity classes, which were attended by wheelchair users among others.