First meeting on future of Air Malta and employees held

Air Malta chairperson says the airline is a strategic asset for Malta's tourism

Air Malta chairperson Maria Micallef said the airline’s importance goes beyond that of a national airline, but that it is a strategic asset to the tourism sector in Malta.

Speaking at the ministry of tourism, where the first in a series of meetings to determine the airline’s future was being held, Micallef stressed that strengthening the position and future of the company is therefore essential to the sector, which is recognized as one of the most important for the country.

A committee was set up by the government to discuss the future of the national airline, and the model it should follow to achieve the necessary changes. The committee consists of Air Malta chairperson Maria Micallef, president emeritus George Abela, Air Malta CEO Philip Micallef and the company human resource chief officer Robert Cristiano, as well as tourism ministry consultant George Micallef.

According to a statement issued by the tourism ministry, the committee will also be meeting with union representatives, to focus on specific issues.

“The government wholeheartedly believes that the airline has great potential to offer new opportunities to the country.

Opening the meeting, tourism minister Edward Zammit Lewis spoke about the importance of the meetings and expressed his hope that they would fruitful discussions and an eventual agreement with potential strategic partners.

 “The decisions taken to enhance the company’s potential for competition will be based on these discussions,” he said, adding that the government would strive to guarantee appropriate working conditions.

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