[WATCH] Prime Minister hits out at ‘arrogant and condescending’ opposition

Government set to announce ‘new initiative showing a more transparent government’

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat
Prime Minister hits out at ‘arrogant and condescending’ opposition

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has hit out at “an arrogant and condescending opposition” which is ready to criticize others but is not prepared to use the same yardstick for its own members.

Speaking to reporters at the end of a five-hour debate in a no confidence motion against Konrad Mizzi – defeated with 36 votes against and 31 votes in favour – Muscat said that, contrary to the opposition, the government showed “strength and humility”.

“We appeared before parliament with intellectual honesty. We know this was not business as usual because this case [Panamagate] has hurt everyone, including us both personally and politically.

“We weren’t arrogant and we did not adopt a tone of supremacy and we didn’t ride roughshod over anyone.”

Muscat once again noted the “unconditional apology” which embattled minister Konrad Mizzi delivered inside the House, as well as Godfrey Farrugia’s emotional speech and Evarist Bartolo’s intervention. Both Labour MPs voiced their dissatisfaction over the Panama affair.

“On the other hand, we heard a condescending opposition who is arrogance. Simon Busuttil, who pontificates, fails to take a good luck at his own party,” he said.

Muscat reiterated that it will be the people who will decide when the Panama case is closed. On his part, he added, he took a decision and parliament voted.

“This is a government that decides and acts.”

He denied that for Mizzi, resigning the deputy leadership, showed some form of disrespect towards the country: “He no longer has any portfolios and decisions were taken.”

The Prime Minister also added that tomorrow, the government will announce a new initiative “to show a more transparent government”.

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