Car scrapping scheme hits first obstacle

A newly-launched car scrapping scheme announced by government in the latest budget has already met with complications leaving motorists who scrapped their cars as part of the scheme without any new vehicle at all.

Weekly newspaper Illum reports how prospective new vehicle buyers scrapped their old vehicles with an agreement with car dealers from whom they planned to buy a new car.

However, the shoppers told Illum how they found themselves embroiled in an on-going dispute between government and car importers.

The scheme, announced as part of the 2010 budget, stipulates that car owners looking for an upgrade can scrap their previous vehicle in exchange for a discount on the new car of up to €2,000

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The obstacle seems to be about the agents' declaring their real C.I.F. Value. Because as government has declared a 15.2% on this value and up to a maximum of 2000 Euros their profit margins can be easily calculated. So here we have another botched attempt at trying to emulate other countries in the EU. The real amount due will never be known as the buyer can never calculate the amount he should have but only accept what the agents gives him. And no one would know what the agent would have recouped back from government.
never trust the gonzi governement.