Labour female recruitment campaign gets positive response

85 participants for Labour LEAD programme to prepare women for political life and “strenghtening the female presence in its candidates at all political levels”

Labour MEP Miriam Dali
Labour MEP Miriam Dali

A recently-launched Labour Party mentorship programme, aimed at encouraging female participation in politics has received 85 applications.

The LEAD programme's stated aim is to prepare its participants for political life, as well as “strenghtening the female presence in its candidates at all political levels.”

The programme's coordinator, MEP Miriam Dalli, said that the response to the progamme had exceeded all expectations, with its applicants ranging from 16 to 62 years of age, coming from all walks of life.

“The absolute majority have no political experience and we therefore look forward to have these women actively participate in Maltese politics in the name of the Labour Party,” Dalli said.

PL President Daniel Micallef added that in recent years, female particpation in politics had not been as good as the party had hoped for and that June's electoral victory was not the destination, but that the party had immediately resumed its work to “renew and spread participation in the PL and the movement surrounding it as much as possible.”


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