Said warns PN members: ‘We can only lose our reputation once’

PN leadership contender Chris Said says PN members should look beyond the short term and resist the temptation to do away with everything and start completely anew

The Nationalist Party runs the risk of becoming a clone of the Labour Party, leadership contender Chris Said has reiterated today.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Said – who is contesting the PN leadership with Adrian Delia – said he would not resort to populist tactics, especially since he had no skeletons in his cupboard.

“Some see politics as a show and politicians as actors on a stage," he said, in an apparent dig at Delia.

Said acknowledged that he could not claim to be a newcomer but urged PN members – who will be voting for the new leader next Saturday – to look beyond the short term.

"My political experience teaches me that the lustre of new things quickly fades, and then it's your work that matters," Said said, noting that after two consecutive electoral defeats some within the party might be tempted to start anew. 

"But what will we build on after that? And what will we discard? If we ditch our identity we'll become a Labour photocopy, and who would choose a photocopy when they can opt for the original?" 

For the first time, the 22,000 PN members will be selecting who will succeed Simon Busuttil at the helm of the PN.

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