Caruana Galizia family insist that Cardona libel cases continue

Daphne Caruana Galizia's heirs have made it clear that they want the libel cases filed by Chris Cardona to continue, a court has heard

 'I'm not emotional,' Matthew Caruana Galizia said. 'My head is cold'.
'I'm not emotional,' Matthew Caruana Galizia said. 'My head is cold'.

Matthew Caruana Galizia has made it clear that he wants the libel cases filed by Chris Cardona against his mother to continue, alleging that the Minister could try to withdraw the case for reasons which were less than wholesome.

When the case was called this morning, magistrate Francesco Depasquale noted the presence of Caruana Galizia's husband Peter and her three sons in the courtroom and expressed his condolences.

The court was informed that the defendant had died in tragic circumstances on 16th October and was asked for time for the parties to decide on the way forward.

Lawyer Paul Lia, appearing for the plaintiff, explained that it was premature to say what the decision on whether his client wanted his libel case to continue against Caruana Galizia's heirs.

But Caruana Galizia's heirs had no such difficulties. Matthew Caruana Galzia, himself a journalist, asked to address the court.

Economy Minister Chris Cardona had filed a number of libel suits and garnishee orders against the murdered journalist earlier this year after she alleged that he had been frequenting a high-end brothel in Velbert, Germany, whilst on an official trip to the country. The court had upheld a request to have the geolocation data from Cardona's phone placed in the court's possesion for safekeeping should they be required as evidence in the case, but if Cardona withdraws his complaint, the case will end there, the evidence potentially never to emerge. 

PN leader Adrian Delia has already withdrawn a number of libel suits that he had filed against the murdered journalist.

“I want to make it clear that we want the case to continue,” he said. “Chris Cardona has an interest in not allowing the case to go forward.”

Lia interrupted him, saying that he understood that “there are strong emotions.” “I'm not emotional, Caruana Galizia said. “My head is cold.”

The court said it understood the family's pain, but that “today the ball is the other side's court.”

“Not necessarily,” said Lia, adding that “if it was we would have kicked it out.”

But lawyers for both parties agreed that it was too soon for a decision to be taken on whether to withdraw the cases.

The case continues in December for the parties to inform the court of the way forward.