Delia still needs to explain outstanding tax payments, Labour Party says

The Labour Party said the Nationalist Party Adrian Delia needs to explain why he still has outstanding income tax payments after he said he had settled all tax arrears

Opposition leader Adrian Delia needs to explain why he is ‘lying’ about his outstanding income tax payments, the Labour Party (PL) said this afternoon.

In a statement, the PL said that while the PN leader had claimed to have paid off his tax arrears, and had declared that it was 'game over', this was not in fact the case. 

Earlier this month, Delia said that all his previously pending tax payments, amounting to €55,000, had been settled.

However, Labour said that Delia still had outstanding tax bills from 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, meaning that he still owed more than he had recently paid-off. 

The PL said Delia owed around €120,000, and asked why he was not being honest about the subject.