Cardona calls for ‘unity’ following ‘attacks’ on Labour

Addressing the Labour Party general conference, Economy Minister Chris Cardona told supporters to focus on priorities of the country in face of 'attacks'

Loyalty and unity are the principles which guide the party, Economy Minister Chris Cardona said, adding that the same principles guide his work as a “convinced labourite”.

“The more they lie about us, the more they strengthen us,” he said.

Speaking at the Labour Party general conference, Cardona called for supporters to “stay united” so that “Malta becomes the envy of the world.”

At the start of his speech, Cardona said that the prime minister told him to "calm down" and "speak about the positive."

The Nationalists are trying to cause irreparable damage against the party, Cardona said, as “attacks” against the party “intensified in a drastic way” as of late.

Cardona went on to say that while governments tend to leave the party behind, the Labour party is moving at the same pace as the government. “We not only have a surplus in government, but in the party as well.”

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