Labour will forge ahead with IVF law changes, Chris Fearne says

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne once again confirmed the party’s conviction in the IVF amendments, says PN MPs shared recommendations with him

In the face of criticism, it is the Labour Party’s principles and moral compass which – just like Dom Mintoff’s – strengthen its conviction, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne said today.

Fearne was speaking during the Labour Party general conference when he made numerous comparisons between the current administration and that of Mintoff. “The times change, but the principles stay the same,” he said.

“As long as your principles guide us, we know we are on the right path.”

Fearne once again confirmed the party’s confidence in the IVF amendments despite the President’s suggestion to suspend the debate in order to allow for a "longer period of reflection". 

He explained that the party was in favour of legalising divorce in the country despite the fact that many people were against it. But because Muscat knew that he was doing the right thing, it is now clear that it was the right decision, which everyone accepts and agrees with, Fearne said.

“There are people who need help and we need to give it to them. If science gives us the means to help people, we need to do so,” Fearne said.

“Even if we only need to help one woman, and even if we need to go to the moon and back – we will do it. We refuse to leave things as they are.”

Fearne reiterated that the IVF amendments are based on pro-life principles, as the new law will double the amount of embryos which survive.

“So for those who say that we don’t respect embryos – it’s actually the opposite,” he said, adding that the government has a political mandate to amend the law, that the amendments have been discussed for years.

In fact, the minister said, the party is so good at convincing that Nationalist Party MPs approached him with their own amendments to improve the new IVF law.