Electric motorbike sharing service to be launched

Tallinja customers will be offered discounted rates for the service

An electric motorbike sharing service, Ioscoot, is going to be launched in Malta
An electric motorbike sharing service, Ioscoot, is going to be launched in Malta

An electric motorbike sharing service is going to be launched for the first time in Malta, with a free trial promotion period for the public to start next month.

Malta Public Transport said it had teamed up with Spanish “motosharing” service Ioscoot, and will be offering discounted rates for use of the scooters to Tallinja bus card customers. A free trial period will start on 13 August.

Ioscoot will be initially available in the area between St Julian’s and Valletta, helping people move around Malta easily without having a negative impact on the carbon footprint, Malta Public Transport said.

“The Ioscoot fleet will initially consist of 40 bikes, which can be picked up and dropped off anywhere within the areas in which the service is available, in the following localities: Valletta, Msida, Gzira, Sliema and St. Julian’s,” it said.

A mobile app will be available which will show users the areas where the service is operating.

The electric motorbikes, which can carry two people, are fully electric, equipped with a 1.8kW motor which can propel the scooter up to a maximum speed of 45km/h. Two helmets with be provided in the lockable compartment of each scooter.

A driving licence which allows the rider to ride a moped will be needed to use the motorbike, however drivers who have undergone the 10-hour 125cc rider training scheme will be able to ride the scooter without having a full motorcycle licence.

To use the Ioscoot service, users will need to follow a number of easy steps, indicated below, which are all managed through the app, which will be made available after the trial period, Malta Public Transport said.

1. Download the new app
2. Register on the system and fill in the application form
3. Log-in to the system, making sure that the GPS on your phone is active
4. Choose the closest motorbike from a number of locations visible on the app
5. Go to the physical location and activate the motorbike with the app
6. Put on the helmet and ride
7. Once finished, park the motorbike in the area available and close the service with the app

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