Infamous Attard speed camera dishes out an average of 36 tickets per day

The 2017 transport statistics released by the NSO have revealed that 30% of all fines issued were for illegal parking and stopping, with a total of 73,257 speeding tickets issued throughout 2016 

The Attard speed camera dished out an average of 36 contraventions a day
The Attard speed camera dished out an average of 36 contraventions a day

According to statistics released by the National Statistics Office, the largest number of contraventions issued during 2016 were for ‘illegal or unauthorised parking’, adding up to 90,920 or 32.3% of the total. 

‘Contravening carriageway markings in priority lane’ contraventions were the second most issued, with 62,633 fines being allotted. 

License and insurance irregularity came third with 41,361 contraventions being issued. 

The camera responsible for catching the most over-speeding vehicles was the infamous Attard one in Triq in-Nutar Zarb, amounting to a whopping average of 36 contraventions per day. 

The average daily speed camera contraventions issued from all cameras in the country averaged to 200 every day during 2016. A total of 73,257 speed contraventions were issued throughout the whole year. 

In 2016, road transport contraventions totalled 281,195, with 218,934 contraventions being issued by wardens, 53,942 by the police and 8,319 by Transport Malta. 

On a monthly basis, October was the month in which most contraventions were issued, racking up a total of 27,333, while December was the month with the least amount of contraventions, totalling 17,041. 

The locality with the highest number of contraventions for 2016 was Hal-Qormi, with 18,441 contraventions, while Sliema came a close second with 17,813 contraventions. 

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