Attard local council disgruntled by lack of warning before start of roadworks

A lack of communication and mismanagment of roadworks resulted in total chaos, the local council said

The Attard local council has expressed its disappointment in a statement at what it described as avoidable inconveniences that were resulting in “total chaos” in Attard.

In a statement on Monday, the council thanked Transport Malta and the Department of Infrastructure for their work in overlaying roads like Triq il-Lija with fresh tarmac, it lamented a lack of consultation before the start of the works.

“We weren’t told when works would be finished and neither were we told how they would be carried out,” the council said.

It said that neither the local council nor Attard’s residents were informed on how traffic would be diverted, adding that while there were temporary signs in place, these were done "without much thought”.

“They led vehicles into one-way streets that resulted in vehicles blocking each other," the council said. This, it said, was dangerous to everyone involved.

The Attard local council said it had already asked for an explanation as to how the road works would be organised, but said it was left without a much-needed consultation, which in turn resulted in an “unacceptable situation”.

The council's concluded by urging Transport Malta to employ traffic officials in the future in various zones where they would be able to direct vehicles adequately without causing such an inconvenience. 

Unannounced road works had caused a similar situation last June in Paceville where the local council there said that while normally in such situations letters were sent to residents to inform them of the project, this had not happened, resulting in confusion on the road.