Electrogas: ‘Where is Energy Minister Joe Mizzi?’ – Adrian Delia

The Opposition leader maintains pressure on the Auditor General’s Electrogas report, calling out Energy Minister Joe Mizzi’s silence and accusing the Prime Minister of having his hands tied

Adrian Delia has kept up the pressure on the NAO's report on the Electrogas contract
Adrian Delia has kept up the pressure on the NAO's report on the Electrogas contract

In the wake of the Auditor General’s findings on the Electrogas contract, Adrian Delia has called out Energy Minister Joe Mizzi for his complete silence on the matter.

Keeping up the pressure on the audit that found several shortcomings in the gas power station tender award, Delia said today’s energy minister was nowhere to be seen.

“Have you heard of a certain Joe Mizzi, who has remained silent and out of the picture despite being known in Parliament for being very vocal?”

The jibe directed towards Joe Mizzi was intended to contrast the energy minister’s silence with the triumphant approach adopted by his predecessor Konrad Mizzi.

Konrad Mizzi came out triumphant in the wake of the NAO’s report, insisting it showed how the power station tender was an example of good practice.

Delia insisted it was “surreal” for Konrad Mizzi to boast about the NAO findings as if they were a positive certificate.

The report is replete with references that show how two weights and two measures were used during the evaluation process, Delia said, quoting sections of the report indicating how leniency was used when dealing with certain bidders.

The Opposition leader reiterated that as a result of the Electrogas contract, consumers were paying more for their electricity.

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Delia again called for Konrad Mizzi’s resignation and accused the Prime Minister of having his hands tied and being back to the wall.

Asked whether he will dismantle the gas power station if elected to government, Delia responded that the more important thing was what he will do with the corrupt people. “What is important is what I can do with the money I can save by stopping corruption,” he added.