Adrian Delia denies domestic violence accusations

In an interview with radio host Andrew Azzopardi, the Opposition leader says it is 'unacceptable' to have a politician guilty of domestic violence as he denies accusations levelled against him by his estranged wife

Adrian Delia (right) says Clyde Puli (left) sometimes gets on his nerves but there is no one who works more close with him than the secretary general
Adrian Delia (right) says Clyde Puli (left) sometimes gets on his nerves but there is no one who works more close with him than the secretary general

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has denied the allegations of domestic violence levelled against him by his estranged wife and accused the Times of Malta of lying about his ties to alleged brothel owner Emanuel Bajada.

In a frank and wide-ranging interview with Andrew Azzopardi on Radju Malta 2, the politician said that the leak of a video of a domestic argument with his wife Nickie Vella De Fremaux, was done for “malign reasons.”

When asked about the allegation of domestic violence, Delia said that it was not acceptable to have a leader of a party with a domestic violence conviction. “Clearer than this I cannot be. My declaration is that it is not acceptable to have a politician who is found guilty of this type of accusation.”

Delia refused to comment on the ongoing separation proceedings. “I am not going to talk about issues relating to my separation. Don’t you think that if I say my wife leaked a video, I would be talking about my separation? Why not see who is editing the videos? Why not see who is using a person’s personal life for political gain?”

The videos and recordings taken in a domestic setting, were circulated widely on social media platforms over the Christmas period. However, the accusation of domestic violence was made by Delia's wife in a court application responding to a request he made to see his children.

Asked how he could work serenely, the embattled PN leader said family problems were not a reason to step down. “Am I doing the right thing or not? Do I run away from problems or fight them? Have I ever lost focus or failed to attend anything? You can channel your emotions into work. God forbid that everyone who has a family problem stops working. What if it is a doctor? A principal? A politician? A Prime Minister?”

PN finances

Azzopardi also grilled the Opposition leader on the party’s financial situation and how he was addressing it.

“I decided to appoint a group of people I trust. From day one we needed to take a decision. I wanted the party to have a robust financial base.” Delia said he had a 10-year plan to eliminate the PN’s debt.

“In four years our media arm will stop losing money. We are already exceeding targets,” he said. Among the new revenue streams was the commercialisation of party clubs, he added.

Problems with the media

Asked if he had a problem with the Times of Malta, Delia was abstruse. “Maybe the Times of Malta have a problem with me,” he said. His approach was to reach out to Labour voters rather than diehard Nationalists, he added.


Although the economy is growing it is growing as a result of population growth and is not resulting in people having more money in their pockets, Delia said. He invited the host to talk about the thousands who are on the edge of poverty.

“Pensioners, young people who can’t afford rent… let’s see who is suffering.” Delia insisted, adding that he was reaching out to those who were “suffering in silence.”

“I spent Christmas listening to the people, not just a few MPs. The man whose home of 50 years is being taken away, the homeless, the couple who are both working and cannot afford the education they want for their child.”

Relationship with Clyde Puli

“Does the Secretary General get on your nerves,” asked the host. “There is a recording…” Azzopardi pointed out with reference to a leaked recording in which Delia refers to PN Secretary General Clyde Puli as “dak il-pufta.”

“There are three recordings, but two are not of me,” Delia began, before light-heartedly adding “but yes he does sometimes. There is nobody who I work closer with than Clyde Puli.”

There are a number of clips which are being manipulated, said the Leader of the Opposition.

Corinthia issue

"I am in favour of Corinthia’s improvement. I am against however the giving of 300,000sqm of our land to Corinthia for free without a tender... Why should we take one company and give it a gift?" Delia said. He stopped short of alleging corruption, however. "Between the bad and the corrupt there is a distance. I don’t’ shoot from the hip and speculate. The government must explain. The people will then decide."

€64,000 tax arrears

Asked about a news report that implied he still had tax arrears of €64,000, Delia was curt. “It’s a lie. The Times of Malta lied. It published another lie that Emanuel Bajada was a client of mine. I didn’t file for libel, but I spoke to the person who sent me the questions and answered all of them.”


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