Electoral Commission expects electronic counting to deliver election results 'earlier than ever before'

The Electoral Commission said it would be meeting with both political parties in the coming days for final tests to be carried out in their presence

The Electoral Commission announced that it expects speedy and precise vote counts in the coming European Parliamentary Elections and Local Council Elections in May.

"The Commission affirms its satisfaction that the Electronic Vote Counting System (EVCS) guarantees the correct result reflecting the electorate's vote," the statement said, adding that the final result for the MEP elections is expected "much earlier than ever before", as early as Sunday 26 May.

In the coming weeks, the Commission said it would meet with both political parties to make the system go through further testing in their presence so as to ensure a more efficient system for the benefit of all concerned.

When the system was first tested, the Nationalist Party had ostensibly shot down the technology and said that it left room for tampering.

Nevertheless, the Commission said that it was happy with the system and that Malta should expect a fast and efficient counting process next May.

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