‘Enemalta man asked me for money to fast-track 3-phase application’

Employee at national energy corporation told businessman how to ‘fast-track’ an application for 3-phase meter.

A businessman was encouraged to fork out money to have his application for a 3-phase electricity meter fast-tracked at Enemalta.

The businessman, who asked to be quoted anonymously, told sister newspaper that he found it unacceptable to be invited to grease the system.

“I understand that there is a long waiting list, but I cannot accept paying ‘extra’ for a service I am entitled to.”

There are over 80 applications for three-phase meters pending, but the corporation installed 1,068 in 2010 alone.

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Mark Fenech
But what are the highly paid and big spending officials at Enemalta doing. Where ever I go and when ever I meet employees still at Enemalta they keep reminding me that the Corporation is totally rotten from top to bottom. What a shame.