Adrian Delia attacks Ian Borg for 'exonerating himself' from Mġarr accident inquiry

The PN leader dedicated a no-holds-barred criticism of the Transport Minister during the opening of his speech at a political activity in Gzira

Opposition leader Adrian Delia
Opposition leader Adrian Delia

Opposition leader Adrian Delia accused Transport Minister Ian Borg of being 'indecent' and that he had taken the law in his own hands.

Delia insisted that this was so because Borg had exonerated himself from a magisterial inquiry on the fatal Imgarr incident where two people lost their lives.

The PN leader was speaking at a political activity at the Gzira band club where he opened his speech with an attack on the Transport Minister.

"Ian Borg exonerated himself from political responsibility and from the magisterial inquiry that left two people dead. How dare he? He's taking the law into his own hands to guarantee that justice won't be done," Delia said, adding that Borg's behaviour was an example of how the government had no idea what good governance was.

The accident took place on Sunday evening on a road that is currently being widened. One of the cars ended up in a ditch, two people lost their lives.

Infrastructure Malta has denied that its roadworks had in any way contributed to the collision and has said that the head-on collision occured in an area where no works are taking place with roadside signs warning motorists of current works taking place ahead.

Delia spoke about rents, poverty, and the Greco report at the political activity and said that Prime Minister Joseph Muscat was going to leave wreckage in his wake.

He appealed to Nationalist Party supporters to go out and vote in the upcoming MEP and local council elections in May.