PD local council candidate Charles Polidano assaulted outside home

The Democratic Party claims the attack was 'politically motivated'

PD local council candidate Charles Polidano
PD local council candidate Charles Polidano

Charles Polidano, a Democratic Party local council candidate for Qrendi, was physically assaulted outside his home by the son of a close friend who had endorsed his candidature.

Polidano told the MaltaToday that he was shocked at what happened, as the attacker's father had supported him on countless occasions, and was the first individual to endorse him for the local council elections. A police report was filed.

“The trouble started, when he [the attacker's father] suggested that I ask his wife to endorse me, as I still needed one more signature before I could formally submit my candidature,” Polidano said.

He said that the harassment started on Saturday after the attacker's mother signed the form. “The attacker called me countless times, also leaving verbally abusive messages, some even containing threats, telling me I shouldn’t be running for local elections.”

Polidano said things came to a head on Monday when the attacker approached him outside his home. Polidano said the man physically assaulted him, leaving him with bruises on his shoulders. The attacker allegedly attacked again, as Polidano tried to get inside his car, closing the car door on his legs. "I also sustained a minor head injury," Polidano claimed.

Polidano called for unity within Qrendi, and Malta after the attack. “It is ridiculous for us to be divided based on the political party we form part of. We are all Maltese, and we should all be coming together to help each other,” he said.

On Monday the Democratic Party posted a statement to their social media page.

"The attacker left no ambiguity that it was a politically motivated attack arising from Polidano's candidacy for the local council election on the PD ticket," the statement read.

“Refusing as always to be intimidated, Partit Demokratiku will continue to represent what is fair and what is right. Our party is composed of members from all walks of life and all backgrounds, who have set aside their partisan, parochial and petty differences to come together to seek the best for our country,” party leader Godfrey Farrugia said.

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