PN calls on government to offer specialised diabetes training to nurses

The Nationalist Party has urged the government to train more specialised nurses on diabetes in addition to offering continuous glucose monitors to diabetics

The PN has called on the government to train nurses specialising in diabetes
The PN has called on the government to train nurses specialising in diabetes

Government should hire and train more specialist diabetes nurses, the Nationalist Party said on Wednesday as it launched a set of proposals this morning intended to address the rising rate of diabetes in Malta.

Addressing a press conference, PN MEP candidate Francis Zammit Dimech said that several patients were having to deal with have reported that machines provided by the government to test blood sugar levels were not working properly and at times, returned false readings.

The said that while it was positive that the government was offering these machines, it needed to ensure that they were of the best quality.

The PN MEP also spoke of the need for more testing and the sharing of information between European Union countries, as well as more awareness campaigns about diabetes.

PN MP Mario Galea said that the party was committed to advocating for the introduction of continuous glucose monitors, a small device one wears under the skin.

“With continuous glucose monitors, persons will be able to check their glucose levels in real time. It will allow persons to check, after meals, allowing them the possibility to study trends,” Galea said, adding that their use was vital.

“When you place your hand on a hot plate, your brain signals to you that something is wrong and alerts you to the issue so you can remove your hand. With diabetes, your brain doesn’t send those messages, without regular testing, you may not become aware of the problem.”

He highlighted that it was important for the country to get ahead of the issue, as it could lead to a wave of health issues which will burden hospitals. “Severe cases of diabetes can lead to amputations, which will create an entirely new sector of persons with disabilities,” he said.

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