Hottest June day in twelve years goes up to fearful 37°C

It's also the highest temperature recorded in the last 24 months, which means that Sunday's 37°C is hotter than any day of the previous summer

It's not summer yet, but the sun is beating down
It's not summer yet, but the sun is beating down

The Meteorogical Office has said that Sunday 9 June has broken a 12-year spell: it is the hottest June day since 2007.

The temperature has gone up to an unexpected 37°C. Previously, the office has said it would go up to 34°C on Sunday. So much for that!

Three degrees higher has made the difference since it was only in 2007 that June had seen temperatures this high. The meteorological office has said that it expects the weather and the temperature to remain unchanged in the coming days.

It's also astounding that not only is today the hottest June day in years but it's also the hottest day period in the last 24 months. The 2018 summer temperature has never gone as high.

What's more, technically it's not even summer yet.

This means that today's temperature is five degrees higher than the average and the meteorological office expects things to keep heading in the same direction.

The typical average temperature of any given June is 29°C, which means today's temperature is eight degrees higher.

On the other hand, the highest extreme temperature was reached on 9 August 1999 when the mercury soared to 43.8°C. That's just six degrees higher than today's whopping 37°C.

Starting today, Malta is experiencing the first heatwave of 2019.