[WATCH] Rest easy, Malta’s first heatwave already coming to a close

It was hot but it is also expected to be the shortest possible heatwave

Temperatures are set to drop back to average from Wednesday
Temperatures are set to drop back to average from Wednesday
Malta's first heatwave will be the shortest possible

The Meteorological Office at Malta International Airport has confirmed that the first heatwave of 2019 will be coming to a close on Tuesday when temperatures are set to return back to normal.

On Sunday, the extreme temperature rose to the indiscreet heat of 37°C. A forecaster at the MET office, Martina Gatt, confirmed that it was indeed the start of the first heatwave in Malta this year.

“A heatwave happens when the air temperature is five degrees higher than the average for three consecutive days or more,” Gatt said. 

This means that the current spell of heat is the shortest possible heatwave since it is forecast to end on its third day. 

“Heatwaves are normal for this time of year. What was unusual is that it took place so early in the season and that there was a big change from the previous week; usually this kind of temperature increase occurs in July,” she continued, adding that she could not automatically link the anomalous temperature with the climate change phenomenon.  

“We cannot say it’s related to climate change because this is normal temperature for summer. Here at the MET office, we only compile a seven-day forecast so we cannot accurately tell you what will happen during the course of the summer,” she said. 

Gatt told MaltaToday that there are forecasters who predict temperatures for an entire month or longer but these rely on weather patterns and will not necessarily be accurate predictors. 

She reassured us that on Wednesday the weather will stabilise and the air temperature will return to normal.