No more carriage rides in the scorching sun? New horse-drawn carriage regulations announced

Commissioner for the Appropriate Treatment of Animals, Dennis Montebello, said on live television that coachmen did not oppose the new proposed regulations

Maltese 'karozzin' in Valletta
Maltese 'karozzin' in Valletta

New regulations on horse-drawn carriages, karozzini, will be issued in the coming days, Dennis Montebello said.

Montebello is the Commissioner for the Appropriate Treatment of Animals. On TVM programme, INSIGHT, he said that regulations in Naples and Rome ensured that horse-drawn carriages would not operate if the temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius. Another regulation imposes that horse-drawn carriages can only operate on level ground and will not be employed on hills or slopes.

"The coachmen did not lament as much to the new proposed regulations. They realise that if certain regulations are imposed, carriages will be outlawed in the future," Montebello said on the programme.

He added that it was after all in the interest of the coachmen that this would not happen since this was their daily source of income.