[WATCH] PN braces itself for general council confidence vote fallout

Councillors will be asked whether Adrian Delia should continue leading the party until the next general election

The moment of truth: Adrian Delia's leadership will be tested on Saturday
The moment of truth: Adrian Delia's leadership will be tested on Saturday
PN braces itself for confidence vote fallout

Nationalist Party councillors will be deciding whether they want Adrian Delia to lead the party for the coming three years until the next general election as the internal conflict comes to a head on Saturday.

Ever since being elected leader in September 2017, Delia has faced internal strife, especially from MPsopposed to his leadership. But calls for his resignation have intensified since last May’s drubbing in the local council and European Parliament elections.

Delia backed down from his  initially stand against holding a vote of confidence  and called an extraordinary general council to put his leadership to the test. By doing so, Delia outsmarted his rivals who collected 200 signatures calling for a special meeting of the general council to vote on a motion of no confidence in the leader.

A counter petition expressing support for the embattled leader and calling for action to be taken against party dissenters was also presented to the party with more than 500 signatures.

During a meeting of the PN’s executive committee earlier this month, the question being put to councillors was agreed to “unanimously”.

Delia has insisted that it is his political responsibility to do all he can, to restructure the party for the next general election, in line with the mandate given to him by PN members when they elected him leader.

His detractors have argued that Delia is unelectable and will only lead the PN to another crushing defeat in the next general election.

In the run up to the confidence vote, Delia supporters and detractors have publicly crossed swords on social media in what has turned out to be a visceral battle.

The PN general council starts at 10am on Saturday and voting will continue until 6pm. The result of the vote is expected around 8pm.

There are more than 1,400 councillors eligible to vote and during early voting on Wednesday, some 500 councillors cast their vote.