Seven fatalities on Malta's roads in first half of the year

One person died on Malta's roads in the first three months of 2019, while six lost their lives between April and June

Six people lost their lives on the roads between April and June this year, NSO statistics show
Six people lost their lives on the roads between April and June this year, NSO statistics show

Six people lost their lives on Malta’s roads from April to June 2019, five more than the single fatality recorded in the first three months of the year.

This brings the total number of fatalities on the roads in the first half of the year to seven.

The number of reported traffic accident during the second quarter of 2019 stood at 3,838, denoting a marignal 0.5% decrease over the corresponding period in 2018.

The information emerged from figures for the second quarter of this year published by the National Statistics Office on Tuesday.

The figures show that the Northern Harbour district registered the largest share of all road traffic accidents between April and June 2019, with 1,405 cases or 36.8% of all accidents.

Road traffic casualties registered a drop of 10.4% to 421 in this quarter compared to the equivalent period last year. These included 50 drivers, 13 passengers and 22 pedestrians/cyclists/other persons who were grievously injured.

The injuries suffered by three drivers and three passengers proved fatal. In comparison, the number of road traffic fatalities were three less than those recorded during the same quarter in 2018.

When classified by gender, the majority of the 85 grievously injured persons were males, at 69.4%. The fatalities comprised of two males and four females. Moreover, most of the recorded traffic casualties fell in the 41 to 59 age bracket.

The majority of the road traffic casualties, 62.2% involved passenger cars, followed by motorcycles, at 27.1%, and goods-carrying vehicles, at 5.7%.

The six fatalities consisted of two car drivers, two passengers, a motorcyclist and a pillion rider.

Five cyclists were involved in vehicle collisions, of which three sustained grievous injuries. Road traffic casualties caused by collisions between vehicles topped the list with 74.8% of the total.

The highest road traffic casualty and road traffic accident rates occurred on Thursdays, the statistics show, with 66 casualties and 606 accidents respectively.

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