Journalism institute removes its reps from Tumas Fenech foundation for journalism

The IGM says it will no longer associate with Tumas Group for as long as Yorgen Fenech remains under the shadow of his arrest

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File photo

The Institute of Maltese Journalists (IGM) has suspended its members from the Board of Trustees of the Tumas Fenech Foundation for Education in Journalism (FTFEG).

The FTFEG was set up on 1 February 2000, on the first anniversary of the death of Tumas Fenech, founder of Tumas Group. The IGM's decision comes amid Yorgen Fenech, a prominent member of the Tumas Group company that finances the foundation, being arrested as a "person of interest" in the investigation into the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

"The IGM feels that in light of the latest developments in our country, where a prominent member of the family that funds this foundation was arrested in connection with the investigations of the murder of journalist Caruana Galizia, we should no longer be associated with the foundation as long as Yorgen Fenech remains in the shadow of his arrest," the IGM said in a statement on Sunday.

It added that it was grateful for the collaboration and the valuable work that the foundation had done in the name of journalism.