Police unions stand by Lawrence Cutajar, but commissioner’s days are numbered

Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar's days are numbered whoever is elected as Malta's next prime minister but police unions are rallying behind the man

Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar
Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar

Police unions have expressed solidarity and support for Police Commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, after both Labour Party leadership hopefuls have indicated that his days are numbered.

Labour leadership hopeful Robert Abela has said that if he were to be elected PL leader, and therefore prime minister, the police commissioner will face the chop.

Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne also said that if he were to win the leadership race, he would ensure that the police commissioner is chosen by a two-thirds parliamentary majority, where Cutajar stands no chance.

The police commissioner has faced countless calls for his resignation by civil society groups over what they claim is his mishandling of the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder investigation and the inability of the police force to take action on money laundering accusations against people in power.

The Police Officers Union (POU) expressed their solidarity with the commissioner, publicly declaring their confidence in Cutajar in Facebook post on Friday.

“Throughout his years in office, the Commissioner has always shown that he has the lower ranks at heart and has always shown his willingness to cooperate with us as a union to get important reforms passed in the police force,” the post read.

The POU also thanked Cutajar for his priceless contribution to the police force and the country.

The other union, the Malta Police Association, also expressed their “full support” to the commissioner, while distancing themselves from any “political arguments”.

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