Eight prison inmates spent Christmas with their families at home

The Correctional Services Agency chose eight low-risk inmates and sent them home for Christmas as part of an experiment testing electronic tags 

File photo
File photo

The Correctional Services Agency carried out a test and sent eight low risk inmates at the Corradino Correctional Facility to their homes to spend Christmas with their families. 

"All inmates who benefited from this privilege were electronically tagged and were monitored by the Agency at all times," the Home Affairs Ministry said in a statement on Saturday.

Home Affairs and National Security Minister Michael Farrugia said that this project is part of the government commitment to enhance the residents’ rehabilitation process and reintegrate them back in society. Farrugia maintained that the monitoring and the testing of this project will continue in the near future. 

The ministry added that the experiment is part of a pilot project proposed in the 2020 Budget, where electronic tagging is planned to be extended to a wider spectrum of inmates. 

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