PL leadership candidates 'guarantee that nothing will change' - Delia

PN Leader calls Joseph Muscat an "illegitimate Prime Minister", says everyone needs to "do their bit" to change their party

Opposition Leader Adrian Delia
Opposition Leader Adrian Delia

PL leadership candidates Chris Fearne and Robert Abela “are guaranteeing that everything will remain the same and nothing will change,” according to Opposition Leader Adrian Delia.

Speaking during a Saturday morning interview with PN radio station NET FM, Delia remarked that up till yesterday the two candidates were giving their unconditional support to the incumbent leader, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat “and constantly talked to us about continuity.” This led him to conclude that in practice, everything would remain as is.

Delia insisted that neither Fearne nor Abela were giving any guarantees that they would take action to investigate those who have harmed Malta.

“Robert Abela is saying that he will keep the current Cabinet,” the PN leader said, going on to say that only those who are content with corruption and the fact that Malta’s name “is in an abyss” would be pleased by this.

Fearne, on the other hand, was lacking in knowledge of the Rule of Law, he said, referring to a proposal for a conference to discuss the necessary changes, including to the Constitution. The nation didn’t need conferences, but to investigate whoever needed investigation without fear or favour, he said.

The country had ceased to discuss the economy and social housing, Delia said. “Between them, Fearne and Abela are doing all they can to have the Labour Party remain in government and not to cure the country’s ills. They will leave the country hanging until they arrange the problems of their party.”

On the issue of electrical power generation, Delia said that the campaign aimed at pushing forward the idea of a need for a new power station was a fraudulent activity and denounced those participating in it as “fraudsters.”

“Would I ever have thought that we’d reach the extremity of having our Prime Minister voted one of the most corrupt people in the world? Would I ever have expected the Office of the Prime Minister end up being investigated over the assassination of a journalist? No, I never would have thought we would have reached this point,” the PN leader said during the interview.

He said that his Nationalist Party, too, needed to change and undergo a reform process to make it a truly alternative government, adding that during every day that passes “with this illegitimate Prime Minister in power,” everyone needed to do their bit.