[WATCH] Delia says Labour leadership vote showed distrust in Joseph Muscat’s parliamentary group

Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia told party faithful that Robert Abela will be a continuity of Joseph Muscat

PN leader Adrian Delia
PN leader Adrian Delia

Adrian Delia has said that newly elected Robert Abela will be “more of the same”, stating that he will continue in the same vein as out-going Prime Minister Joseph Muscat.

The Opposition leader was addressing party faithful at a political event in Zejtun. 

Delia said that Robert Abela is not a new PM, but “another one”, as according to him early signs have shown that he will continue to cover-up for Muscat.

He also said that Abela’s election signalled a complete distrust in Muscat’s parliamentary group, a majority of whom had openly backed candidate Chris Fearne to succeed the out-going PM.

“He has promised continuity of a government who Prime Ministerial office was embroiled in murder and corruption,” Delia said.

The PN leader said that Abela has no trial period, and insisted that actions should come immediately and swiftly.

“There is no time for trying, the clock is ticking, the chances of being backlisted don’t wait, investors don’t wait, other countries won’t wait,” Delia told those present.

Delia presented a set of proposals which according to him need to be adhered to by the new PM, stating that the country must be lifted out of its current political crisis as soon as possible.

The PN leader demanded that Konrad Mizzi should be immediately sacked by the new PM for his implication in cases related to corruption.

Delia also called for the immediate ousting of Attorney General Peter Grech, who according to him broke constitutional law when refusing to hand over the Egrant report.

He also said that the Attorney General should be chosen through a two-thirds parliamentary majority, so as to “avoid any similar situation in which the country has passed through in the last two months”.

The Opposition leader called for the immediate ousting of Mario Cutajar as head of the Civil Service, stating that under his watch public administration became a tool for the “clique at Castille”.

We need a serious public administration which serves the people, not the partisan mantra of the government,” Delia said.

Promises by Abela on removing police commissioner Lawrence Cutajar, are expected to be met, according to Delia, who said that Cutajar had permitted political interference in the police corps.

The contracts surrounding the Electrogas, Vitals and Steward Health Care deals should be immediately published by the new pm.

“Robert Abela should make sure that no executive post within the public sector should be filled without a public call for application, that is free of any political intrusion” Delia said.

On Muscat’s time in office, Delia said that at a time when people talk of the positives of one’s political care, he feels that what is left is a web of corruption, at a period the country has never seen like before in its history.

“This is one of the few instances in our history, when the PM did not resign, but had to be kicked out,” Delia said.

The PN leader said that Muscat’s legacy will forever be remembered for his office’s implication in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

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