[WATCH] Delia calls on Robert Abela to declare contracts he received as backbencher

Adrian Delia says new prime minister must make known which government contracts and director orders he had been awarded while he was a backbencher

Adrian Delia was speaking during a PN activity in Sannat, Gozo
Adrian Delia was speaking during a PN activity in Sannat, Gozo

Adrian Delia has called on Robert Abela to make known which consultancy contracts and direct orders he had been awarded while a backbencher under Joseph Muscat’s government.

The Opposition leader said that the new prime minister should say which contracts had been given to him is he truly wanted to be transparent.

“When Abela was a backbencher and was supposed to scrutinise the government, he kept his mouth shut, because backbenchers, including him, were being given contracts and direct orders. He has to tell us which contracts and direct orders he was awarded,” Delia said, "And whether they've been terminated or whom they've been transferred to, as well as how much he earned from them."

Delia was speaking during a Nationalist Party event in Sannat, Gozo on Saturday evening.

He said that there was a difference between the impression of the state of affairs which the government wanted to depict, and what the reality was.

A recent Transparency International report, Delia said, had labelled Malta as “the country to watch” and that it was one of the corrupt countries in the world.

Malta also risked being reconfirmed on Moneyval’s blacklist, the PN leader said. “…this means no serious business will ever consider Malta to invest in,” he warned.

Amongst the subjects he discussed, Delia also touched upon the court case he had filed against the government over the Vitals hospitals deal. He said that, in the near future, more information would emerge on the corruption involved.

“In the coming days and weeks, I assure you that you will get to know more about this story,” he said.