World leaders condemn Iran's drone and missile attack

World leaders have expressed their shock and condemnation at Iran's retaliation against Israel, as fears of further escalation grow

Iran launched more than 200 explosive drones and cruise missiles against Israel on Saturday night
Iran launched more than 200 explosive drones and cruise missiles against Israel on Saturday night

World leaders have condemned Iran’s drone and missile attack on Saturday night, as Israel’s invasion of Palestine seems to have escalated and spilled over.

On Sunday, the EU’s High Representative for External Relations, Josep Borell described the attacks as “an unprecedented escalation” as he noted the gravity of the developments in the context of the region’s security. 

On X, the President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen strongly condemned the “unjustifiable attack,” as she called on Iran and its allies to immediately cease the attacks.

Similarly, European Parliament President Roberta Metsola said that the attacks represent a “major escalation.” Metsola concluded by saying, “The EU condemns the attack in the strongest possible terms & will keep working to de-escalate & stop the situation spiralling into more bloodshed.”

Meanwhile, Maltese foreign affairs minister Ian Borg urged restraint from all sides, noting that Malta, through its United Nations Security Council Presidency, will convene an urgent meeting to discuss how such escalation can be prevented. Next week, Borg will head the UNSC meetings in New York, where he is expected to hold a number of meetings with UN and US officials, including US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also described the strikes as “unjustifiable and highly irresponsible.” The German head of state highlighted the country’s support for Israel, noting that the situation in the Middle East will be discussed with Germany’s allies.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned Iran’s “reckless” attack, adding that Iran is, “intent on sowing chaos in its own backyard.” Sunak reiterated the UK’s support for Israel, as well as Jordan and Iraq.

Across the Atlantic, US President Joe Biden stated that the US moved military assets such as aircraft and ballistic missile defence destroyers towards the region, as the assets aided Israel’s defence during the strike.

Biden said on Monday, G7 leaders will coordinate, “a united diplomatic response to Iran’s brazen attack.”