[WATCH] US state of Michigan recognises Maltese-American heritage day

Michigan Democrat MP Darrin Camilleri said that Philadelphia's iconic Liberty Bell had been recast by a Maltese man named John Pace

Darrin Camilleri
Darrin Camilleri

The US state of Michigan will now be celebrating Maltese-American heritage day on 19 September of every year.

The resolution for the celebration of Maltese-American heritage day was proposed by Maltese-American Democrat representative Darrin Camilleri. The resolution was approved unanimously in Michigan's House of Representatives on September 19 of this year.

Prior to this momentous occasion, Camilleri gave a speech, advancing some of Malta's history.

"Although Malta is one of the smallest countries in the world it has a large impact on this state and our country," he began.

Camilleri talked about Malta participating in the American Revolutionary War when many Maltese joined the French navy to fight in the war of independence and how unbeknownst to many Americans, the Liberty Bell at Philadelphia was recast by a John Stow, originally known as John Pace who had apprenticed in Cospicua, Malta, before emigrating to the US. 

Liberty Bell
Liberty Bell

After the resolution passed, Camilleri asked the Speaker of the House to welcome around 30 Maltese-Americans who had come to watch the proceedings from the gallery.

"Generations of Maltese-Americans have chosen to make Michigan their home and I am so proud of be one of them," he said. 

In a Facebook post, Camilleri said that the Maltese community in America was blessed with public servant representatives like Judge Rosemarie Aquilina, Justice Brian Zahra and "even potential President Pete Buttigieg."

Buttigieg had been making the rounds on Maltese social media when he announced his 2020 Presidential candidacy on April 14 2019.