[WATCH] Britain's relationship with Malta will get stronger post-Brexit, British High Commissioner says

British High Commissioner Stuart William Gill said that Britain and Malta still worked very closely together on issues like security

British High Commissioner Stuart William Gill
British High Commissioner Stuart William Gill

Brexit will not dampen the relationship between Britain and Malta but leaves room for it to become stronger than ever, British High Commissioner for Malta Stuart William Gill said.

Speaking on TVM programme Xtra, Gill said that Britain's strong ties with Malta hadn't faded over time.

"Whatever happens in Brexit, the relationship we have with Malta will not just go as before but become stronger. It's a long and historic relationship and important in terms of trade and families. We think alike on the EU and pretty much on everything outside the EU," Gill said.

Following Brexit, Gill said that Britain would not turn its back on its allies within the EU and would still have a measure of responsibility in issues such as security.

"We now need to look at big issues like foreign policy. Britain and Malta are still working together on issues like illicit finance and organised crime because these are shared problems," he said, adding that while agreements and decisions on Libya, for example, were not as prevalent in the media, those talks were ongoing and ever present.

Speaking on new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Gill said that he would prefer if Britain left the EU with a witdrawal agreement but backed his Prime Minister when he said that, failing that, Britain will be forced to leave without a deal.

"It's still early days, the new cabinet has just come out of its first cabinet meeting. The change is that Britain has a new Prime Minister whose first speech was brimming with optimism and who is adamant that Britain leaves the EU no matter what," Gill said.