How can you avoid missing out on the biggest jackpots?

Yobetit has the solution... are you ready?

Yobetit has one word for you and that is YoMillions; the only website you will ever need to buy your lottery tickets! People are so intrigued that they physically turned up at their office doors just to purchase tickets, but let’s fill you in, it’s all online! So in order to help you save petrol and avoid waiting in traffic, Yobetit are sharing their tricks of the trade.

1. Don’t buy offline, buy online

First things first, YoMillions is all done online! The perks of this are endless, including:

- Convenience

- You no longer have to wait in traffic or find the closest location selling lottery tickets

- It’s super quick! Thanks to YoMillions, finding the time to play your luckiest numbers is no longer an issue

- It’s absolutely paperless, which means the environment is being taken into consideration too!

- It’s as easy as pie. Sign up, click on the ticket your heart desires, choose your lucky numbers and buy your ticket, that’s all folks

2. Think big, like REALLY big

You’ve got to open your mind for this one...

- Get onto your phone or computer and search for to access all the biggest jackpots

- International jackpots have more zeros than any other jackpot you’ll come across in Malta

- YoMillions offers you the chance to play the best international jackpots all in one place

We would recommend you starting with the EuroMillions jackpot... with this week’s jackpot having reached €37,000,000, why not? Your chance of winning a prize is 1 in 13 and we’re quite fond of those odds. All you have to do is select your five lucky numbers and two bonus number from your ticket on YoMillions

3. Subscribe for even more chances to win

- Arguably one of the greatest perks of playing on YoMillions is that you can register for a lottery subscription

- By subscribing to YoMillions, you will not only get a recurring chance to win millions, you will save yourself money. Sign up for one month, save yourself 10%, sign up for a year and save yourself 20%! 


Feeling lucky? We thought so!

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