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Why you should advertise with MaltaToday
Why you should advertise with MaltaToday

Here at MaltaToday, our mission is to get your message noticed by our loyal readers.

Our optimised ad placements include leaderboards, mid-section leaderboards, rectangular banners, and widgets

We also offer in-article banners, which appear on every single article published, ensuring that your message has been received. Choose between some of our most viewed pages, including: Home, News, Business, Sports, Lifestyle, Arts, Comment and Gourmet. 

By 2019, it's been estimated that over 80% of all global internet consumption will be video content, which is why we offer pre-roll ads on all our videos too. 

Skins? What better way to get a readers' attention. Tailor-made for you, you can experiment with graphics, leaderboards and gifs.

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And get in touch with us to discuss how sponsored content can help you take your brand's message forward.

We have some of the most competitive rates on the market - check them out on our MaltaToday page here.

Check out our advertising guide here [PDF] and some of our technical requirements here