Photographic exhibition at Bertu’s Gym a success

A photographic exhibition was inaugurated at Bertu’s Gym in Gharghur on Monday the 24th of January. 

Among several bodybuilders, boxers and other memebers of the gym who attended the event, was Gharghur mayor Mr. Mario Gauci who inaugurated the exhibition.

During his speech, Mr. Gauci highlighted the importance of sports and praised Bertu Camilleri, Malta’s ex-boxing champion and owner of the gym, for his dedication and high enthusiasm towards sports. 

Mr. Gauci also mentioned the “Unur Excelsior” award given to Bertu Camilleri by the Gharghur local council in 2009 for his lifetime achievements and insisted that there are more people who like Camilleri work hard to promote sports.  

Outstanding photos on display included those of Bertu Camilleri and other local and foreign boxers, as well as those of several fights and trophies won by Camillleri.  

A photograph which sparked great interest was that of Camilleri establishing a non-stop rope skipping record of three hours.

Other photos exhibited included those of various bodybuilders who have been training at Bertu’s Gym for the last 28 years and have not only participated in the Bertu’s Gym annual posedown but have also competed in several national and international competitions organised by IFBB, NABBA and MBPF.  Such competitors include Ralph Decelis, Gilbert Zammit, Pierre Mifsud, Oliver Giordano and Domenic Schieda.

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