British drag-racer offering €5,000 reward for car stolen from Ħal Far racetrack

UK racer Sean Prout spent €100,000 in upgrades to bring the car to its current state

An international dragracer is offering a €5,000 reward after his car was stolen from the Ħal Far racetrack.

UK racer Sean Prout was in Malta to compete in the Drag Racing Finals 2022 when, after the event was finished, the car was stolen from the track.

“Stolen! My car has been taken from the Ħal Far raceway. Please share this as fast as possible and get my car back! This is not a joke people!” Prout wrote on Facebook.

The car is a Honda Civic ep3 racer with a custom Smurf wrap. Prout spent over €100,000 to upgrade it to its current state and race in events across Europe.  

Prout said his car was seen on CCTV leading the racetrack at around 11:40pm on Sunday.

He said that the car was spotted being towed by a small Toyota and covered in black tarp. He said it was seen on the Birkirkara bypass. The person driving the car had lots of tattoos and was wearing a black hoodie.

“If the man sees this, do the right thing and leave the car somewhere and I’ll take my car and go home.”

After Prout posted an appeal for help on Facebook, his post garnered 1,000 shares and lots of support from the local racing community.

While he first offered €2,000 for the car to be returned, Prout bumped up the reward to €5,000 an hour later.