Small States Games | Team Malta to be led by Olympian Eleanor Bezzina as captain

Maltese Olympic Committee (MOC) announces Team Malta contingent for XIX Games of the Small States of Europe

Eleanor Bezzina
Eleanor Bezzina

Team Malta representing the island at the XIX Games of the Small States of Europe (GSSE) on home turf has been announced, with champion medallists among the star-studded line-up.

Starting on the 29th of May, Malta will be represented by a mix of highly experienced medal winners to younger athletes making their debut at the GSSE.

Amongst the athletes donning the Maltese kit on 29 May will be Commonwealth Games, Mediterranean Games, and European Youth Olympic Festival medal winners Katryna Esposito (Judo), Elaine Genovese and Francesca Curmi (Tennis), and Matthew Galea Soler (Athletics) respectively. Joining them are several past GSSE medal winners who are vying to add their medal tally on home turf.   

For the first time, Malta will be adopting the concept of a team captain to inspire and lead, as well as support members of the contingent. This honour was bestowed upon Olympian Eleanor Bezzina (Shooting), who will be participating in her fifth GSSE edition.

MOC Director of Sport Charlene Attard said athletes vying for a place on Team Malta had worked very hard to achieve this much-awaited call. “Their preparation has been meticulous and well planned and we look forward to seeing the results of their hard work in the coming weeks.”

Chef de Mission Paul Sultana said the careful planning and coordination by the local oragnisation committee had not been without its challenges in welcoming over 1,000 athletes and officials over the next two weeks.

“As the host country, Malta is expected to be buzzing with activity as athletes, officials, and spectators from across Europe converge on the island for these Games, which will provide Malta with the opportunity  to showcase its hospitality, culture, and natural beauty to our European friends,” Sultana said.

MOC president Julian Pace Bonello reiterated the responsibility of athletes to not only perform well but be the best ambassadors Malta could have with sportsmanship and fair play. “Being chosen to wear the Team Malta kit is an honour that our athletes have worked hard for. All called-up athletes deserve to be part of this team. Being the best you can be in your respective sport is a given, but as you step into your sporting arena, your performance under the spotlight,  never forget that you are ambassadors who will be inspiring Malta’s future athletes.”


Claire Azzopard, Luke Bezzina, Lisa Bezzina, Nikolai Bonello, Rosalie Borg, Mireya Bugeja, Steve Camilleri, Luke Camilleri, Mireya Cassar, Dillon Cassar, Antonella Chouhal, Joelle Cortis, Alessia Cristina, Peppijna Dalli, Jean Paul Debono, Gaetano Di Franco, Luke Farrugia, Matthew Galea Soler, Ian Paul Grech, Beppe Grillo,  Sana Grillo, Jordan Gusman, Armani James, Dario Mangion, Claire McNamara, Gina McNamara, Lloyd Mhiripiri, Jared Micallef, Benjamin Micallef, Josepha Micallef , Luke Micallef Perconte, Bradley Mifsud, Rachela Pace, Thea Parnis Colerio, Graham Pellegrini, Janet Richard, Daniel Saliba, RebeccaSare', Carla Scicluna, Martha Spiteri, SimonSpiteri, Kay Testa, Charlotte Wingfield, Jeremy Zammit


Kris Bartolo, Isaac Bezzina, Francesca Catania, Kirsty Cauchi, Katryna Esposito, Sadek Khalaf, Valerian Ogbaidze, James Zahra


Lacey Aquilina, Shaun Aquilina, Samantha Axisa, Jacob Azzopardi, Isaac Azzopardi, Aly Badawy, Nicolai Bartolo,  Julia Borg, Kurt Borg, Katrina Briffa, Laidon Buhagiar, Mia Busuttil, Matthew Cachia Debono, Ryder Croft, Ella Demicoli, Alexandr Denisiuc, Emily Fenech, Matthew Flores, Crispin Gauci Peresso, Marianne Heller, Jake Mallia, Gary Mercieca, Lara Merten, Katrina Micallef, Jonas Micallef, Michela Mifsud , Gregory Mifsud Orlando, Michela Mizzi, Aleksandra Nagrudnaia, Maria Nagrudnaya, Dimitrios Pipi – Vertsonis, Maya Podesta, Leonardo Procopio, Luke Rausi, Matthias Spiteri, Tomek Vaccaro, Timmy Vassallo, Benjamin Vassallo, Sophie Villette, Jean Zahra


Marcello Attard, Gianluca Azzopardi Spiteri, Eleanor Bezzina, Mariah Busuttil, William Chetcuti, Clive Farrugia, James Galea, Mikela Galea, Matthew Grech, Nico Sciberras, William Vella.


Bradley Deguara Hindle, Annabelle Diamantino, Niall Engerer, Amke Fischer, Dean Gera, Kresten Hougaard, Johanna Rizzo, Mattea Saliba, Julian Scerri, Duncan Stahl, Colette Sultana, Lijana Sultana, Kijan Sultana, Daniel Zammit-Lewis.


Mya Azzopardi, Victoria Balderacchi, Georgia Bohl, Dylan Cachia, Nathan Cachia, Sarah Demicoli, Francesca Falzon Young, Matthew Galea, Maya Galea,  Sasha Gatt, Andrea Mallia, Simon Mallia, Nathan McCleve, Amy Micallef, Nirvana Micallef, Kyle Micallef,  Michela Portelli, Rudi Spiteri, Michael Stafrace, Raoul Stafrace, Sean Wareing, Thomas Wareing,  Thomas Woods.

Table Tennis

Daniel Bajada, Anthea Cutajar, Gabriel Grixti, Camella Iacob, Viktoria Lucenkova, Dmitrij Prokopcov, Renata Strbikova, Felix Wetzel,


Matthew Asciak, Francesca Curmi, Alex DeGabriele, Liam Delicata, Elaine Genovese, Emma Montebello, Matija Pecotic, Helen Pellicano.

For the two team sports, Basketball and Rugby 7s, a provisional squad has been selected, with the final squads being announced closer to the Games.