Stompers win Mediterranean Cup final

In a much anticipated cup final  Stompers ran out the winners over a battling Kavallieri team. The score of 24 to 23 showed how hard both teams played to win it.

Kavallieri started with the wind behind them and kept the pressure on throughout the half especially using the wind with Edmunds(10) using intelligent kicks for territory and to turn the Stompers back line around.  Camilleri(13) for Stompers was sin binned for a trip and is off for 10 minutes. Edmunds drills the kick and Kavallieri get their first points.


Kavallieri 3 Stompers 0.

A point to add is that both Touch Judges are from the Women's Rugby Officials, so we have Catherine Medin and Lucy Darmanin supporting Referee Killian O'Brien for the Match, a first for a Premier Rugby game.

Kavallieri are competing at the breakdown not allowing Stompers to get any fast ball to their dangerous backs.

Ellul(8) and Cerketta(3) tried to get their team into the game, charging into the Kavallieri defensive wall, but arevnot making much inroad.

Stompers missed a penalty to draw level.

Cerketta(3) on the burst close to the Kavallieri line offloaded to McLister(10) from the ruck they go wide but and with a three on two situation the pass goes forward and from the ensuing scrum, Edmunds kicked long to relieve the pressure.

Any penalty Stompers were running it trying to get into the game, but Kavallieri with their rush defence were not allowing Stompers any space.

Calvin Briffa(7) put a brilliant covering tackle on Horne (14) as he stepped the fullback and looked as if he would score.

From a scrum on the 5 metre mark Edmunds (10) stepped his way through to score under the posts. He kicked the conversion.

Kavallieri 10 Stompers 0.

Betts (15) for Stompers was caught in possession when Edmunds(10) kicked long from the penalty for holding on, the ball is kicked into the corner. Kavallieri are playing all the Rugby keeping up the pressure. Edmunds grubbers  through but the bouncing ball avoids Blyton(13) following through.

Cerketta (3) relieved the pressure when from a ruck he kicked long, showing his backs how to do it.

Betts (15) trapped a long bouncing kick with his feet and sets off, he threw a long pass to Attard (12) he passed to Camilleri cutting back inside and gave the ball to Debatista (14) who went over in a tackle slamming the ball down to the left of the posts. No conversion.

Kavallieri 10 Stompers 5.

Stompers are starting to put some phases together but it is heavy traffic with the quick regrouping Kavallieri defence getting in their way.

Kavallieri won a penalty on the 10metre mark and Edmunds puts the ball straight down the middle.

At half time it is Kavallieri 13 Stompers 5, but that wind is worth points as Stompers now play with it behind them in the second half.

The Kavallieri kick off didn't go the 10 meters and Stompers have an attacking scrum back on the half way mark. From an attacking move from the scrum Stompers were penalized from not releasing in the tackle and Edmunds kicked the goal from in front.

Kavallieri 16 Stompers 5 and are still trying to get into the game.

Down the Grandstand touchline Debatista (14) stepping offloads to McLister (10) who was dragged down short of the line, they then knocked on from the following ruck. But keeping the pressure from a turnover, Stompers got the ball out to Camilleri (13) who brushed off a few tacklers to score beside the posts. McLister (10) converted the try with the score now reading 16-12

Cutajar (5) won a penalty when Stompers looked dangerous, getting over the tackled ball, but Edmund's kick didn't find touch, Stompers attacked from half way going through some phases with their big forward's getting over the gain line, with finally McLister stepping his way to score. He converts his own try.

Fifteen minutes into the second half and Stompers managed to take the lead.

Stompers 19 Kavallieri 16.

Stompers started using the wind kicking long, keeping pressure on Kavallieri as they begin to tire.

Imbroglio (11) has three good runs down the touchline using his speed, but cannot beat the last line of defense, he needed to swerve infield and with his speed he would have scored.

Edmunds tried to get his team going running into space with some nice footwork but nothing came of it.

Holliday (2) for Stompers burst downfield close the touchline but was pushed into touch.

From a quick tap penalty Calvin Briffa (7) scored close to the touchline, no conversion but Stompers have taken a bigger lead. 24 to 16.

Just when we thought it was all over Kavallieri took the ball from their opponent’s kick off as the

Stompers froze and they scored with Edmunds kicking the conversion it is Stompers 24 Kavallieri 23.

Kavallieri launched everything at the Stompers trying to get the win, but run out of time as Referee Killian O'Brien blows for full time.

The cups for the season were awarded to the winning teams on the pitch afterwards.

Over on Pitch two five veterans teams were playing in the competition ;two teams from the UK, two from France and the Malta Marauders.

Man of the Match: Darren Edmunds

Report by Bryan Corlett.

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