[WATCH] Minister denies suggestions Malta unable to deal with large boat migrant arrivals
Less asylum claims filed in Malta, Germany takes refugee crisis bulk
Just 410 asylum claims lodged in Malta in 2017 to date
The political media today
Michael Falzon
Failed Ukrainian asylum seeker admits to returning to Malta under assumed name
Libyans main citizens granted protection in Malta in 2016
136 Turkish diplomats seek asylum in Germany since putsch
Update 2 | 33 failed asylum seekers detained, one found to enjoy temporary protection
German ministry wants to intercept migrants at sea, returned to Africa
Court upholds Maltese birth for asylum seeker’s child born at sea
We cannot afford another Frontex failure
EU Commission to review asylum claim system
Austria to set daily quotas on asylum claims
Malta's total refugee and irregular migrant arrivals in 2015: 105
EU end-of-year summit focuses on migration crisis
Amnesty: EU risks complicity in Turkey violations as refugees are locked up and deported
Nigerian's attempt to use forged passport foiled
EC rebukes Malta over failure to fully transpose asylum policies
3,600 people died seeking Europe’s protection: 'EU response unsatisfactory'
Migration burden sharing negotiations underway: ‘less talk, more action’

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