Political crisis: Get up to scratch with the day’s developments
Joseph Muscat receives Labour executive's full backing
[WATCH] ‘Killers, out! Prison!’. Thousands demand Joseph Muscat step down
Joseph Muscat’s position is no longer tenable, Adrian Delia insists
[WATCH] Joseph Muscat calls a confidence vote among his MPs and wins it
PN signs unanimous resolution calling for Joseph Muscat's immediate resignation
Muscat: ‘I will not abdicate my duty… Labour will do its full term’
Castille in sombre mood, as Muscat tells aides he plans to step down
Muscat cannot wash himself clean of the impunity he has blessed
Update 2 | PN wants House to convene tonight, demands Prime Minister’s resignation
Prime Minister shouldn't be spokesman for police commissioner, Adrian Delia says
President George Vella holds crisis meetings with Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia
No ethical breach when Prime Minister employed UK legal firm
Caruana Galizia family says Prime Minister shouldn't be at the centre of investigation
Joseph Muscat says police preferred not to arrest Yorgen Fenech just yet
[ANALYSIS] Joseph Muscat’s three choices: No change, leave or just kick them out
[WATCH] Government no longer legitimate after Keith Schembri court saga - Delia
[WATCH] Muscat stands by Keith Schembri, defends actions in court
Joseph Muscat defends Keith Schembri as Adrian Delia accuses PM of unequal treatment
Public roles should not serve private interests
30 years from the fall of the Berlin Wall
Planning Authority was insensitive on Qala decision – Joseph Muscat
[WATCH] PM refuses to reply to questions, tells journalists he had earlier event to do so
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[WATCH] Electric cars changeover process must be sensitive to low-earners  - Prime Minister
Solving Malta’s skills shortage: ‘Women, education and foreign talent,’ says Muscat
Malta is a top performer under Labour – Joseph Muscat
Joseph Muscat warns Opposition to measure its words on foreigners
[WATCH] PM credits social measures in this year’s budget to government’s sustainable planning
Joseph Muscat hails 'phenomenal' doubling in size of Malta's economy
Budget 2020 first sign of climate change measures, Muscat says
Caruana Galizia murder | Joseph Muscat says he is not privy to investigations
Muscat likens Opposition’s situation to ‘the tail wagging the dog’
[WATCH] Helena Dalli's comment on Konrad Mizzi's Panama saga was 'legitimate', Prime Minister says
Joseph Muscat says Opposition is not credible on economic policy
[WATCH] Joseph Muscat at the UN: ‘The future is female’
UN climate summit: Greta Thunberg tells world leaders, ‘You have failed us’
Joseph Muscat has full confidence in impartiality of Caruana Galizia public inquiry
'Game-changer' Marsa Junction Project sees first flyover officially opened
Prime Minister stands by MFSA CEO as Joe Brincat goes to Auditor General