There is more than one way to skin a cat…
17 Black: ‘Let rule of law take its course’, Muscat says
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Council of Europe to look into Malta's institutions
Investment framework agreement to be signed with China - Prime Minister
Utility bills ‘anomaly’ will be corrected next year, Prime Minister says
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Malta-UK agreements to remain in place after Brexit - Prime Minister
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Government joins call for justice in Caruana Galizia murder, amid concerns by press organisations
Speaker rules on Simon Busuttil’s Egrant claims
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Losing the popular fight
Rights of robots might need to be regulated in future, Prime Minister says
‘I still believe Joseph Muscat owns Egrant’ – Simon Busuttil
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PM, Justice Minister to testify in case over Egrant report publication
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Malta eyeing artificial intelligence regulatory framework
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Joseph Muscat extends olive branch to police
Technology was 'reducing mortality rate', Steward Healthcare boss tells Muscat
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Free school transport scheme already a success – Muscat
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Muscat pitches alliance with Emmanuel Macron for 2019 MEP elections
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Ferratum Bank welcomes Malta’s drive to embrace fintech
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