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Film 03-05

MARCO ATTARD • The film excels on a simply astonishing level, as both its various creatures and the jungle they inhabit represent a new standard for the craft of special effects

Film 29-04

The film was shot entirely in Jordan and could become the first ever Arab picture to win an Oscar
Film 26-04

Though he doesn’t always hit the jackpot, J.J. Abrams sure knows how to cleave close to the entertainmen...
Film 18-04

The Coen Bros return with an effervescent Hollywood satire whose cheeky depths never stunt its screwball rhyth...
Film 13-04

BBC feature directed by Sean Connery’s son Jason chooses Malta over its film production incentives after...
Film 11-04

Pandering to Islamophobia and crammed with action movie cliches, this latest entry in the 'make sure the A...
Film 04-04

This bloated mess is little more than an exercise in franchise building... hardly a surprise, but Zack Snyder&...
Film 31-03

Corbett first came to fame on The Frost Report in the 1960s but was best known as one half of the Two Ronnies ...
Film 30-03

As well as a best supporting Oscar, Duke won an Emmy in 1980 for playing Helen Keller in a TV movie
Film 28-03

Expertly channelling American and Japanese pop culture tropes – namely superheroes and anime – thi...
Film 21-03

Perhaps it was inevitable that the cynical literary 'mashup' between the Jane Austen classic and zombi...
Film 15-03

AIDAN CELESTE looks back at this year’s edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) and ...
Film 14-03

The Hollywood blacklist is a distressing period in the history of American entertainment – thankfully, J...
Film 07-03

The Greek master of the weird Yorgos Lanthmios makes his English-language debut and triumphs, with this bliste...
Film 04-03

Professor Tony Dyson was found dead at his private residence in Gozo • Malta Comic Con organisers salute ...
Film 29-02

Leonardo DiCaprio finally wins Best Actor award, Mad Max: Fury Road wins big, collecting six awards, and Spotl...