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Film 28-05

Its evangelists and converts have probably driven you sick with their songs of praise already, but trust us when we say that George Miller's return to the Max Max universe - granted, sans Mel Gibson - is the rollicking blockbuster event of the year, and probably a game-changer.

Film 19-05

Director David Robert Mitchell's sophomore feature may sound ridiculous on paper, but this story of a sexu...
Film 13-05

‘Sħab’ is a Maltese/Swiss production by Shadeena Films, partly-financed by the Malta Film Fund
Film 13-05

Hollywood director famed for high-octane action movies gets fitting escort on his way back home.
Film 12-05

The islands will serve as a backdrop for this new adventure family film
Film 12-05

Keanu Reeves is back on wooden-but-efficient form is this formualic but endearingly old-school revenge thrille...
Film 08-05

Palme d’Or Winner and Oscar nominated director Roland Joffé of The Killing Fields and The Mission...
Film 08-05

The Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt movie shot entirely in Gozo, 'By the Sea', will be released in Autumn...
Film 06-05

It came with all the fanfare expected from the largest blockbuster of the season, but this sequel to 2012'...
Film 29-04

Xavier Dolan's latest is an arthouse film that packs all the emotional punch of a Hollywood melodrama
Film 22-04

It doesn't have an original bone in its draconian, CGI-encrusted body, but this swords-and-sorcery romp sh...
Film 21-04

Rob Lowe, known for his roles in The West Wing, Californicaiton and Parks and Recreation, in Malta to film sce...
Film 13-04

The Amanda Knox case remains ripe pickings for cinema, but Michael Winterbottom's The Face of an Angel is ...
Film 11-04

Hollywood actor Rob Lowe tweets and instagrams his Malta stay
Film 06-04

A film adaptation of Irene Némirovsky’s posthumously published World War II novel simmers wi...
Film 31-03

As its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign gets underway, we speak to young director Keith Tedesco, who is hoping ...