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Film 13-04

The Amanda Knox case remains ripe pickings for cinema, but Michael Winterbottom's The Face of an Angel is an interesting mix of fact and fiction that falls too short of the mark. 

Film 11-04

Hollywood actor Rob Lowe tweets and instagrams his Malta stay
Film 06-04

A film adaptation of Irene Némirovsky’s posthumously published World War II novel simmers wi...
Film 31-03

As its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign gets underway, we speak to young director Keith Tedesco, who is hoping ...
Film 30-03

Alicia Vikander plays a subtle seduction game in a worthwhile sci-fi thriller from Alex Garland. 
Film 28-03

National film policy to focus on attracting foreign film productions, improving the local film industry and lo...
Film 23-03

Heady and long, Inherent Vice doesn’t cut corners in its depiction of the Swinging Sixties in America. B...
Film 19-03

Tourism Minister Edward Zammit Lewis and Film Commissioner Engelbert Grech discuss the film industry’s a...
Film 18-03

A well-crafted genre piece is always welcome in today's overhyped cinema climate, but this Australian atte...
Film 11-03

Films with animal protagonists tend to be for kids, but this Hungarian high-concept thriller brutally - and br...
Film 04-03

Political drama 13 Hours, the Benghazi movie that Michael Bay is directing for Paramount, is being shot in Mal...
Film 02-03

The furore around the Seth Rogen-James Franco North Korea farce nearly led to a new Cold War. Now that it...
Film 27-02

The documentary production is about the construction and building of the aqueducts in Malta during Wignacourt&...
Film 25-02

Hollywood has a chequered history when it comes to male nudity – a stigma that appears to be borne of a ...
Film 24-02

Now in its seventh year, the Short Waves Grand Prix Festival Competition will feature seven Polish short films...
Film 24-02

Come June, Valletta will become a cinema-friendly city, as the Valletta Film Festival gets under way across va...