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Film 07:30

It may be a tad too cartoonish for its own good at times, but this breakneck-paced superhero sequel is too much fun to deny.

Film 20-04

Newsreel archive British Pathé has uploaded its entire collection of 85,000 historic films, in high res...
Film 16-04

Filmmakers stand to get cash rebates up to 27%
Film 16-04

Judi Dench shines in this tale of institutionalised injustice, but even with the help of an effortlessly charm...
Film 09-04

A Court of Appeal has once again postponed a decision whether to uphold the eviction of the Mediterranean Film...
Film 09-04

Marvel Studios retains their brisk winning streak with this sequel, wisely injecting a touch of espionage into...
Film 08-04

The film industry could do with getting in touch with its feminine side… if the current batch of upcomi...
Film 07-04

Mickey Rooney, the American child actor who became the world's top box-office star in the late 1930s, dies...
Film 03-04

Minister Manuel Mallia launches revamped Malta Film Fund and new €1 million co-production equity fund.
Film 03-04

You can't fault its good intentions, nor its insistence on crafting a charming, breezy caper out of a quir...
Entertainment 01-04

The unstoppable haemorrhage of illegal downloads worldwide has disrupted the demand and supply process relatin...
Film 26-03

Based on the real-life boating tragedy, the Maltese production will premiere at Empire Cinemas, Bugibba on 27 ...
Film 26-03

Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman just about elevate this uneven wartime-trauma thriller from the dolodrums of med...
Film 18-03

Woody Allen's latest comedy-drama hums merrily - if predictably - along, elevated from mediocrity only by ...
Film 16-03

Seven local documentary filmmakers attended the workshop and presented their ideas which aim to document the l...
Film 11-03

As one of the members of the ensemble cast making up the highly anticipated, locally-produced film Simshar, ve...