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Film review | Paterson: The yearning desire for a quieter world
Film 18-01

Your friendly neighbourhood film critic is currently in Rome, sampling the cinematic delights of the Eternal City – here’s hoping some of these films make their way down to our shores • 4/5

New guidelines to ‘boost professionalism’ of Malta’s film industry
Film 14-01

Registers to be set up for film industry employees, more tax rebates planned for foreign film productions ...
Film review | It’s only the end of the world: The afternoon apocalypse
Film 10-01

The movie's rocky promotional start that actually matches the tone and feel of this earnest but flawed fil...
These are the most anticipated films of 2017
Film 03-01

It’s the most hotly anticipated films of the coming year split into distinct categories. Because yes, it...
What I loved about Carrie Fisher
Film 29-12

‘Princess Leia’ had an ironic twinkle in her eye –the hallmark of those who know that all th...
Film review | Rogue One: A rough diamond in a sea of garish orbs
Film 28-12

Smeared with grime and possibly the most 'mature' entry of the lot, the first of the Star Wars 'An...
Teodor Reljic’s best and worst films of 2016
Film 27-12

MaltaToday’s friendly neighbourhood film critic rounds up the best and worst films that fell under ...
Three productions shot in Malta premiered during Christmas period
Film 26-12

Three major productions that were shot in Malta have premiered during the festive season
Film review | Moana: Take one for the tribe
Film 20-12

It’s a story that brims with vivacious colour and wit • 3.5/5
Film review | Victoria: One wild night in Berlin
Film 13-12

The film remains a thrill ride that’s also a cinematic experience through and through • 4/5
Susanne Wolff film 'Styx' wraps up filming in Malta
Film 13-12

Filming in Malta for the German drama 'Styx', starring Susanne Wolff, has been wrapped up following mo...
[WATCH] Assassin’s Creed stuntman’s parkour over Mosta Dome will give you vertigo
Film 06-12

Stuntman for Assassin’s Creed movie makes his mark across the island with vertiginous stunts
European Film Festival at Eden Cinemas shines light beyond the mainstream
Film 06-12

Tying in with Eden’s Side Street initiative, the festival showcases independent movies that demonstrate ...
Feature film ‘Papillon’ completes filming in Malta
Film 30-11

Filming in Malta for the remake of ‘Papillon’, starring Charlie Hunnam, was successfully comp...
Film review | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Beast of a blockbuster done right
Film 30-11

JK Rowling herself makes a more than competent screenwriting debut with a story reverse-engineered from h...
Film review | A Street Cat Named Bob: Holiday schmaltz with a welcome side of grit
Film 23-11

A bestselling literary phenomenon that incorporates childhood trauma and a cute cat • 3/5