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Film 29-09

Despite its star-studded cast and equally impressive locations, this based-on-a-true-story disaster bonanza is something of an unrewarding uphill climb. 

Film 26-09

Currently underway in Valletta, the Small Cinemas conference deals with film production in ‘smaller&rsqu...
Film 23-09

The ‘Dark Knight’ star is said to be shooting historical drama in Malta
Music 22-09

The Malta Film Commission will be celebrating 90 years of foreign film servicing with an anniversary concert a...
Film 21-09

Formulaic to a fault and hardly breaking with the unceremonious tradition of dire video game adaptations, this...
Film 19-09

Tourism Minister says film industry funneled €100 million into Malta’s coffers this year
Film 16-09

We speak to Charlie Cauchi, organizer of the Small Cinemas conference which will this year take place in Malta...
Film 15-09

Aggressively mediocre and unrepentantly racist, this 'Taken' pastiche may count a former James Bond am...
Film 09-09

Though it skates on familiar ground, Reg Traviss's gritty crime drama tries for a more ambitious thematic ...
Film 08-09

Director Danny Boyle confirms that the hotly anticipated sequel to Trainspotting is scheduled for release next...
Film 03-09

Big screen adaptation of Assassin’s Creed starts shooting in Malta
Film 02-09

Lukewarm performances and a gimmick-heavy plot aren't even the worst things about this Adam Sandler movie
Film 01-09

Ahead of his eclectic showcase of Palestinian short films, we speak to curator Iury Lech about this niche genr...
Film 31-08

US media reported that Craven died at his Los Angeles home on Sunday from brain cancer.
Film 31-08

This glitzy Guy Ritchie caper may be yet another reboot, but it's also yet another entertaining spy-movie ...
Film 26-08

The production has selected various locations across the island including the water tanks at the Malta Film St...