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Entertainment 12-02

Remake of the popular Mummy movies is rumoured to have picked Malta as at least one of its locations

Film 09-02

Director Adam McKay has the unenviable task of turning the ins and outs of the 2008 economic crash into a sexy...
Film 04-02

Filfla, a tiny islet plateau surrounded by some of the richest marine life in the Maltese islands, will this y...
Film 01-02

Visually impressive and meticulously constructed, Leonardo Di Caprio's latest bid for the Oscar is a merci...
Film 25-01

Does Tom Hooper's Oscar-baiting transgender painter drama challenge or coddle?
Film 21-01

Industry rumours indicate that the Universal Pictures film will feature Tom Cruise and Kingsman: The Secret Se...
Film 19-01

With a scant two pages dedicated to the indigenous film productions, the newly-launched National Film Policy p...
Film 19-01

Packed with the usual array of violence and cusswords, Tarantino's latest collapses under the director'...
Film 16-01

Film Policy aims to keep consistent work flowing to Malta while safeguarding competitiveness
Film 14-01

Two gritty tales of survival lead the Oscar race this year, as The Revenant and Mad Max: Fury Road tot up the ...
Film 14-01

Rickman's family said he had been suffering from cancer
Film 13-01

But customers on Facebook question whether internet speeds are being deliberately throttled at night by intern...
Film 11-01

Ron Howard churns out yet another prettily shot and populist-pitched genre epic that purports to tell the stor...
Film 07-01

Last month, Star Wars: The Force Awakens became the fastest film to take $1billion at the global box offi...
Film 04-01

As has become the watchword of the New Hollywood Order, it’s high-powered franchise installments that wi...
Film 28-12

Expectations were high indeed, but against all odds J.J. Abrams has managed to resurrect George Lucas's be...