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‘Bound to lose’: Paolo Villaggio’s Fantozzi – 10 of the best
Film 03-07

A Maltese childhood in the 1980s and pre-Cable TV 1990s meant being brought up on Italian TV, for which the Fa...
Fantozzi actor Paolo Villaggio, 84, dies in Rome
Film 03-07

Paolo Villaggio, best known for his role as Ugo Fantozzi, died in Rome this morning at the age of 84
Swedish ‘Dragon Tattoo’ actor Michael Nyqvist dies at 56
Film 28-06

Actor Michael Nyqvist, who starred in the film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tatt...
Rampant over-development at the forefront of local short film
Film 22-06

Written and directed by Jamie Vella, Arcadia will be screened as part of the Valletta Film Festival
Film review | Beuys
Film 22-06

The documentary succeeds in illustrating why German artist Joseph Beuys was such a galvanising force
Film review | Spoor: Following the tracks
Film 21-06

Agnieszka Holland’s film is both sensitive and powerful, moving to the same jolting rhythms of the ...
Yearning for a quieter, wider Brexit debate | Timothy George Kelly
Film 20-06

Just a year after the historic event that shocked Europe comes ‘Brexitannia’ – a documentary...
Film review | Wonder Woman: A (wonder) woman for all seasons... probably
Film 14-06

Wonder Woman is a competent-and-confident attempt at finally giving the beleaguered DC Comics cinematic univer...
Film review | Fortunata: Some call it luck
Film 13-06

Fortunata is a moving story that hits home and entertains along the way but at the same time, leaves the viewe...
Managing the ‘Bayhem’ | Aleksandar Bundalo
Film 06-06

Malta-based sound designer, editor and Sound Villain head Aleksandar Bundalo sits down with Teodor R...
Film review | War Machine: Fighting the Stupid War
Film 06-06

War Machine is a worthwhile effort hampered by a lack of formal ambition • 2.5/5
Film review | King Arthur: Legend of the Sword: So crap it will melt steel
Film 30-05

Though a maddening and turgid experience as a filmgoer, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword is also something of ...
James Bond actor, Sir Roger Moore, dies aged 89
Film 23-05

Actor Sir Roger Moore, best known for playing James Bond, has died aged 89, his family has announced
Film review | Alien Covenant: In space, everyone can see you ruin a franchise
Film 23-05

The film is a swirling, undercooked soup of bad narrative decisions and half-baked character • 1/5
Film review | Lady Macbeth: Portrait of a Lady
Film 16-05

The utterly fantastic and slimy performances, well-written characters and well-presented and implied character...