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Film review | Dunkirk - survival film
Film 08-08

In Dunkirk, there is no place for most of the tropes of the genre. Instead, what we have is a tale of men...
Open-air cinema a la carte | Antonio Villa Castelo
Film 07-08

As they prepare for another round of open-air cinema on the stairs near Cafe Society in St John’s Street...
Harry Potter actor Robert Hardy dies at 91
Film 03-08

Robert Hardy’s family announced his death and paid tribute to an actor whose theatre, film and televisio...
Film review | The Last Word: Getting it over with in style
Film 02-08

The Last Word is a generic coming-of-age comedy covering two broad age-ranges in its emotional trajectory, and...
Sam Shepard, playwright and actor, dies age 73
Film 01-08

Playwright, director and actor Sam Shepard has died at the age of 73
Film review | Baby Driver: All revved up and ready to go
Film 25-07

Baby Driver is the kind of indulgent and fun film that Hollywood-friendly auteurs don’t get to make much...
‘Much more than a screening’ | Bojana Dimitrovska & Emma Mattei
Film 24-07

Teodor Reljic catches up with Bojana Dimitrovska & Emma Mattei for a chat about the 13th ed...
Film review | Okja: That’ll do pig, that’ll do
Film 18-07

Tugging at the heartstrings as hard as it plunges a knife straight into the jugular of the industrial food com...
Living Dead director George A Romero dies aged 77
Film 17-07

The American-born filmmaker George A Romero, who created the Living Dead movie franchise, has died at the age ...
Film review | Spider-Man: Homecoming: Netting the youth audience in its web
Film 11-07

Spider-Man: Homecoming is an overstuffed superhero franchise concoction that delights as much as it frustrates...
Maltese cinemagoers drop by 4.4% in 2016
Film 05-07

Over 25% of Maltese cinema patrons chose a 3D movie, a sizeable chunk of the over 673,000 patrons of Malta'...
Film review | Bright Sunshine In: A lover’s discourse, ad nauseam...
Film 04-07

Bright Sunshine In is the kind of film you get when an acclaimed and talented filmmaker and an acclaimed and t...
‘Bound to lose’: Paolo Villaggio’s Fantozzi – 10 of the best
Film 03-07

A Maltese childhood in the 1980s and pre-Cable TV 1990s meant being brought up on Italian TV, for which the Fa...
Fantozzi actor Paolo Villaggio, 84, dies in Rome
Film 03-07

Paolo Villaggio, best known for his role as Ugo Fantozzi, died in Rome this morning at the age of 84
Swedish ‘Dragon Tattoo’ actor Michael Nyqvist dies at 56
Film 28-06

Actor Michael Nyqvist, who starred in the film adaptation of Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tatt...